The Virginia Society of Ultrasound has historically done a fantastic job at serving the Central and South-Central Virginia Sonographers.  Despite the past success of these conferences, it has been logistically difficult for Sonographers in the Northern and Eastern regions to participate.

During our recent website re-design (we hope you like it!), time was spent reviewing the VSU Mission Statement and how effective we are serving Virginia sonographers.

The VSU’s mission expresses two specific goals:

  1. Facilitate quality networking opportunities for members across Virginia
  2. Advance the Ultrasound profession through relevant continuing education

With these goals in mind, we are re-thinking what it means to be a VSU member and what specific benefits that membership could offer you.  To better serve sonographers in Northern and Eastern Virginia, we are considering offering a 2nd Fall Symposium  – and possibly a 3rd in future years – to provide similar opportunities to sonographers in these areas.

We are hopeful that by lowering the price of the conference pass ($99), more sonographers will make the effort to attend.  In addition to these super discounts, the VSU also plans to offer – as part of membership – online CME’s throughout the year. The details are still being worked out, but the plan would be to offer at least 1 CME quarterly with the goal of increasing the offering to 1 a month or 12 online CME’s each year.

Lastly, to facilitate our mission of providing quality networking opportunities for our members, the VSU intends to host a Members-only Reception the evening before each symposium.  We are hopeful that by combining a fun and relaxing environment with good food and drink, we will start a strong tradition of camaraderie and fellowship among VSU Members.

In summary, the VSU’s vision for Membership includes:

  1. Discounted prices for multiple group Symposiums each year
  2. Online CME Opportunities
  3. Networking opportunities through evening receptions

We hope you will consider the benefits of a VSU Membership and join today.  We would also very much like to hear your thoughts and ideas on this subject.


All the best,

Jon Brumfield


The VSU needs your help!  If you are interested in lending a hand – in any capacity – please let us know!
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